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Thermo Ramps Up Data Center Training

This month at Thermo Systems’ Pittsburgh regional office, our engineering team held Thermo’s inaugural Controls for the Cloud Symposium. The symposium was created as a forum for our data center engineers to share project-specific and general technical knowledge, collaborate on existing data center projects nationwide, and build our data center industry skills to be able to leverage them for future customers in this growing market. The multi-day training included sessions focusing on specific customer and site requirements including customer system standards, lessons learned from previous projects, increasing efficiency from project to project, and more. There was also an emphasis on team building, with the group learning how different project site teams can work together in order to best serve our current and future data center customers.

This event was created this year by Thermo Systems as a response to the growing data center industry demand. It serves the purpose of cross-training our existing engineers with extensive experience in other industries as well as training new staff members in the controls, HVAC, and utilities needs of data center environments. Feedback from the event was extremely positive, so we plan on continuing to hold the Symposium for years to come!