Service & Support

We are a life-cycle partner.
Due to our commitment to your success, we consider ourselves a true partner to our clients. We work closely with you, identifying your individual needs and offering catered solutions to your biggest challenges, turning them into successes. Thermo Systems provides the engineering expertise you need from project start to finish, and offers continual support and guidance long after completion. In a time when on-site resources are incredibly lean, a partner who cares about your business and is committed to your success is necessary now more than ever.

Thermo Systems is proud to offer the below support services to customers across all industries.
Automation InView
Remote Emergency Response/System Monitoring and Diagnostics
Automation InView is a secure, on-demand, remote connection that allows the Thermo Systems support team to securely connect to a client’s Industrial Control System (ICS). It is used for remote support, preventative maintenance, emergency response and advanced monitoring. To read more about Automation InView, view our full informational PDF.
AIV Overview
Automation System Protect
Critical Data Backup/Disaster Recovery
Automation System Protect (ASP) is a secure, reliable, on-demand system that allows Thermo Systems’ support team to reliably and automatically back up customer Industrial Customer System (ICS) assets on-premise and offsite for disaster recovery. To read more about Automation System Protect, view our full informational PDF.
ASP Overview

Control systems, instrumentation and HMI systems.
Resolve operational and downtime issues.

Proactive scheduled maintenance and comprehensive assessments of control system hardware and HMI computer systems.

Process tuning and stability reports. Ensures efficient and repeatable operations.

Calibration and calibration management services.

Proactive maintenance and operational verifications of control systems during planned outages. Sequence of operation testing. Safety and interlock testing. Ensures safe and reliable operation.

Energy Metering, Data Logging, Reports.

Energy analysis of existing waterside and airside systems to identify energy reduction opportunities. Simple Payback, ROI reports and rebate incentive (ACT 129) reports.

Design, build and implement migrations from obsolete legacy control systems to current technology.

HMI system software upgrades, updates and patches. Stay current. Extend the life of your systems.

24/7 phone or onsite support with varying levels of response. Get the timely response your operations demand.

Technical support. Remote access troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Controls and HMI training, onsite or at our offices. Ensure that your team has the knowledge and tools to get the job done.

Controllers, sensors, transmitters, valves, etc.

"In a time when on-site resources are incredibly lean, a partner who cares about your business and is committed to your success is necessary now more than ever."


To discuss your project's needs, reach out to [email protected] or 609.371.3300.