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What is a Microgrid?
An electrical microgrid is group of interconnected loads and distributed energy resources that acts as a single controllable entity with respect to the grid. Microgrids can either operate in parallel with the grid or in island mode -- disconnected from the grid. These two modes allow your facility or campus to manage energy consumption when connected to the grid as well as reduce downtime in the event of a power outage when you're disconnected from the grid.

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Thermo Systems' Microgrid Experience
Over the years, Thermo Systems has gained experience in designing, deploying, and providing life-cycle service for microgrid control systems across the country. We've implemented microgrid control systems for universities, manufacturing facilities, and public utility organizations in various applications. The microgrid systems we've deployed have helped our customers withstand power outages from major natural disasters and more.

Benefits of Microgrids


Microgrids can be expanded in phases, allowing your infrastructure to grow as your business grows. This ability to scale can reduce upfront costs.

Energy Price Control

Investing in your own grid protects against the high cost of emergency energy and also protects you from fluctuating or increasing power rates from the main supplier.

Generate Revenue

Your microgrid can reduce peak load charges, resulting in energy savings throughout the year. In addition, it allows you to participate in demand response programs as well as potentially sell back energy to the grid.

Power Quality

A microgrid allows you to regulate the quality of energy that you're getting, rather than relying on the grid. This is significant in sensitive applications like healthcare or laboratories.

Improve Uptime

A number of hazards can affect your power supply when you're connected to the grid. A microgrid can protect you from those disasters that would normally cause you to lose power by allowing you to operate in island mode.

Thermo Systems is a proud sustaining sponsor, member, and board seat holder of IDEA, a group which works to to inform, connect, and advance the district energy industry - including microgrid usage - around the globe.
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