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Life Sciences automation experts since 1998
Since our inception in 1998, Thermo Systems has been providing best-in-class non-proprietary Building Automation System (BAS) solutions for clients with critical applications. Our solution features utilizing industrial control system technology such as PLC and SCADA systems. By implementing industrial controls, the end user gets the most reliable and repeatable technology on the market, a flexible and scalable system, and a truly non-proprietary system. For customers in regulated markets, our team provides the system life cycle documentation, traceability, and testing required to meet the FDA’s and other governing bodies’ regulations and guidelines.

Validated Systems Experience
Thermo Systems also deploys best-in-class validated Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS) for our life sciences clients. All of our validated systems include the required documentation, programming, and testing as prescribed within the Good Automated Manufacturing Practices (GAMP) guideline. Similarly to our BAS solutions, we deploy our EMS solutions with industrial controls technology to ensure maximum uptime and overall performance. All validated EMS solutions are deployed with validated and nonproprietary historian servers that comply with 21 CFR Part 11 for electronic records.

Life Sciences

A Focus on Quality
Our Quality Management System (QMS) governs our daily operation at all levels of the organization. The guidelines set forth by the QMS ensure that Thermo Systems provides high quality products and services to our clients while operating consistently and efficiently. The Quality Management System details the goals and values of Thermo Systems, the procedures in place to meet those goals and maintain those values, and our organizational structure. The QMS also describes the checks and balances in place to verify these procedures are being followed.

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Thermo Systems' first ever customer came from the pharmaceutical industry, and we remain very active within the industry and its engineering and manufacturing organizations today.