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December 1, 2017
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May 31, 2018
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Celebrating Our 20th Year

If you haven’t already heard, 2018 marks a milestone year for Thermo Systems. Thermo was founded as a small company with just a handful of employees in 1998, setting out with just a trio of goals that has since become part of our mission statement: customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and financial stability. In 2004, the company opened what is now our headquarters, located in East Windsor, New Jersey.

Since those days, we have now expanded in leaps and bounds. In 2018, we stand strong with over 100 employees and 12 locations nationwide, from here at our East Coast HQ all the way out to the San Francisco Bay. Just last year we finished a massive headquarters expansion project, using previous warehouse space to house new desks, conference rooms, and common areas in order to accommodate our growing numbers.

We’ve also expanded within our industry. We cover both energy and consumer markets within 5 core concentrations: utilities & district energy, life sciences, food & beverage, consumer packaged goods, and power generation. While we remain a loyal and committed Rockwell Solution Partner, we have also branched out within other technologies, including becoming an ABB Value Provider Partner, in order to provide a wide array of solutions that will fit our customers’ needs.

The best part is, we’re not done yet. We have big plans to maintain our growth in 2018, learning more about our industry and partnering with the right technologies to offer even more to our clients. We look forward to seeing what our 20th year has in store for us!