Thermo Systems Launches Non-Proprietary Chiller Plant Optimization Solutions
November 1, 2013
Thermo Systems and Merck & Co. Present Chiller Plant Optimization Paper at Seattle District Energy Conference
June 30, 2014
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Thermo Systems Launches “Thermo U” to Support New Training Initiative

Training and professional development has long been a key element of the Thermo experience for all team members.  Whether it is attending our tri-annual all-hands training event at the East Windsor Engineering Center, or attending our manufacturer’s latest advanced technology classes, everyone on the Thermo staff is engaged in enhancing their professional skills. This quarter, Thermo Systems launched Thermo U to formalize the training and career development path for all team members

Thermo U, developed and championed by Director of Quality Mark Fisher, is a roadmap of internal and external training clases designed to enhance each engineers technical, interpersonal, and business skills. Fisher notes “We have always had a focus on training. Now Thermo U provides a tangible roadmap for everyone to grow their skills and track their progress.”

President & CEO David Musto added, “Investing in our team so each individual can grow both personally and professionally is part of our culture. That investment enables us to better serve our customers and be a better partner. It’s what we are all about.”