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August 1, 2013
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January 1, 2014
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Thermo Systems Launches Non-Proprietary Chiller Plant Optimization Solutions

Thermo Systems has begun deploying chiller plant optimization ECM strategies using transparent and non-proprietary algorithms in off the shelf Allen Bradley PLCs.  Our optimization solution does not require the addition of proprietary “black box” hardware, does not require software licensing, and does not require annual licensing or maintenance fees.  The Thermo Systems solution is to survey, design, and write new optimized routines in your existing plant PLCs, capitalizing on your existing control system capital investment.

Our chiller plant optimization control system ECM utilizes enhanced algorithms based on:

  • Efficiency maps developed by Thermo Systems for each pump, fan and chiller
  • Operational density maps developed by Thermo Systems for each pump, fan and chiller
  • A hydraulic model of the plant as developed by Thermo
  • Enhanced logic to keep pumps on or near their best iso-efficiency curve
  • Enhanced logic to keep chillers within their lowest kw/ton operating range
  • Enhanced dispatch logic
  • Addition and installation of pump and fan variable frequency drives

As part of our chiller plant optimization engineering, we provide a complete investment grade energy audit defining payback, baseline, maps, ECM alternatives, logic strategies, and dispatch straegies. Thermo Systems will investigate and execute local rebate applications and provide complete post installation M&V.

For information on how Thermo Systems can help you reduce your chiller plant operating expenses, contact us at [email protected] or call us at 609-371-3300.