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November 13, 2023
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February 8, 2024
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Kathryn Mathews Joins the Thermo Systems Team: A New Chapter in Learning & Development

Thermo Systems remains dedicated to the professional development of its team members, and it is with great enthusiasm that we announce the appointment of Kathryn Mathews as our new Learning & Development Manager!

Joining the People & Culture Team, Kathryn offers a rich background spanning over 2 decades, marked by significant contributions in leadership development, workshop facilitation, curriculum design, organization and culture improvement, employee engagement, and much more! Her expertise is not just a skill set but a beacon guiding us towards enriched employee and organizational development.

In expressing her perspective on Learning and Development, Kathryn stated, “To me, Learning and Development is not only the key to unlocking individual potential, it is the skeleton key that opens the door for organizational evolution, propelling our teams and company into a future where continuous growth and learning is not a destination but an ongoing journey and way of life. I suppose this leads to why I love my job and the work I get to do at Thermo – helping to be a catalyst for people and for the company, optimizing our performance though learning with as few obstacles as possible. I have never worked for a company that placed such a high value on the engagement, growth, and wellbeing of its people, so the Thermo experience has been an honor and a privilege for me.

Her philosophy echoes our core values at Thermo Systems – prioritizing Employee Success, Customer Success, and Financial Strength. With Kathryn at the helm, we are set to deepen our commitment to lifelong learning and continuous development, supporting our team, company, and valued customers globally.