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October 19, 2023
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November 10, 2023
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Sueann Snodgrass Named Chief People Officer: Elevating Thermo Systems’ Culture

We’re excited to announce the appointment of Sueann Snodgrass as our new Chief People Officer of People & Culture at Thermo Systems. With a distinguished career spanning nearly two decades in human resources, labor relations, and organizational growth, Sueann personifies our foundational pillars—Customer Success, Employee Success, and Financial Strength.

As Vice President of Human Resources, Sueann has been instrumental in steering the People & Culture team toward remarkable growth. Under her guidance, the team has expanded to over a dozen members, while more than 100 professionals have been seamlessly integrated into our company culture. Additionally, Sueann has pioneered transformative initiatives such as the Employee Resource Group and a comprehensive Wellness Program. These endeavors are a testament to her commitment to elevating every team member’s well-being, empowerment, and success, enriching our culture and driving us forward.

“Sueann has been instrumental in leading change taking the People & Culture function at Thermo to the next level,” said Eric Silk, CEO of Thermo Systems. “Thermo Systems is a people business, and as we grow, it’s essential that People and Culture have a seat at the highest level of decision-making for the firm. I’m very excited to announce Sueann’s promotion to Chief People Officer at Thermo Systems as she shares my passion for creating a business where all team members can thrive.”

Stepping into her new role as Chief People Officer, Sueann will continue to be a beacon of leadership, guided by a steadfast focus on nurturing a community-based, inclusive environment. Her contributions to the organization are not just invaluable; they are foundational to the very ethos of Thermo Systems. As we look toward the future, we are genuinely excited and optimistic about the pathway Sueann is paving—one that ensures every team member is not just well-positioned but primed for success.