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January 31, 2023
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April 5, 2023
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Thermo Shares Expertise in Industrial Automation

When deciding between PLC or DCS, it is common for clients to have difficulty determining what technology is right for them. Recently, Thermo Systems’ Account Manager, Grant Kircher, and Siemens’ Marketing Manager, Charlie Fialkowski, collaborated to help educate the community on this polarizing topic during a webinar hosted by ISA (International Society of Automation). The Thermo team consistently offers industrial automation solutions that best serve our clients’ needs. As one of the toughest questions in the automation industry, Grant and Charlie answer this by offering insights into the history of each respective technology, providing an in-depth comparison and contrast of each of their uses, configurations, advantages, and disadvantages.

Thermo Systems is grateful to continue a close relationship with ISA, a non-profit association focusing on creating a better world through automation. Through their opportunities to certify engineering professionals, share industry expertise, and much more, we can remain committed to offering our clients the best possible automation solutions for their needs. Learn more about ISA here.