Thermo Welcomes 2022 Summer Interns
June 9, 2022
David Musto, Thermo Systems President, CEO and Co-Founder Elected as Chairman of the International District Energy Association
June 24, 2022
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Spotlight on International Women in Engineering Day

To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day, Thermo Systems joins campaigns around the globe to spotlight an inspiring Q&A with one of our talented female engineers, Saneela Rabbani. Saneela is a Lead Control Systems Engineer for Thermo Systems, serving our clients in Europe. Raising awareness of this day not only encourages women to enter engineering fields, but it spotlights the need for a diverse workforce. The day also celebrates the women engineers in the workforce. As role models, they are distinctly qualified to encourage more women to join the field. We are grateful for the women in engineering at Thermo Systems who deliver excellence for our customers every day and inspire future engineers.

Read Saneela’s full story below.