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January 31, 2019
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April 30, 2019
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Plan to Support Our Veterans Renews

During the last week in January, Thermo Systems held our annual all-hands Winter Training, where the team discussed the new year’s business strategy, policy & procedure updates, safety protocol, and joined general technical training sessions. We hold these staff meetings twice a year in order to keep our team current with everything from our internal business strategy to the automation industry’s newest products and trends. In the 2019 opening staff meeting, President & CEO David Musto addressed the group, reflecting on the past year as well as looking forward at our plans for the future. One of the points he stressed was Thermo’s 2019 focus on recruiting, hiring, and maintaining a solid veteran workforce.

We began working with Rockwell’s Academy of Advanced Manufacturing (AAM) – the Rockwell program founded with a mission to create automation experts from our nation’s veterans – last year, and we already have 2 great additions to our team to show for it. This year, we will be doubling down on our commitment to recruit veterans into the Thermo family and aide in their transition to the private sector, and we are very pleased to once again partner with Rockwell in this endeavor! This week, Dave flew out to Rockwell HQ in Milwaukee for an AAM recruiting event where he met members of the program and potential recruits. We look forward to meeting the new team members who will be joining us from this fantastic program, and we thank Mary Burgoon (pictured with Dave in this article header) for her leadership within the AAM program!

The Thermo Systems staff is made up of over 10% veterans at this point, and we are eager to see this number grow in the next few years.