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August 20, 2018
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December 18, 2018
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Hiring Our Next Generation

For the past couple of months, Thermo Systems has been on a tour of college career fairs, scouting out the best and brightest from engineering schools across the country. Many of staff volunteered to return to their alma maters to represent Thermo and educate career fair attendees on who we are, what we do, and why these soon-to-be graduates should join us. In doing this, we had a tremendous amount of interest and success! Not only were these students excited to learn about the automation industry, but we collected a pile of very promising resumes to sort through.

In addition, just last week a pair of Thermo representatives went up to Manhattan College where we were invited by Dr. Samuil Amin, professor of Chemical Engineering, to address the college’s engineering students from all disciplines about careers in the industrial automation industry as well as opportunities specifically at Thermo Systems. The presentation was a great success, and the crowd loved getting an insider view of the industry by checking out the PLC training equipment we brought along plus the photos of our Thermo employees out in the field. Our team walked away with a resume from every student in attendance, which is just a bonus to the fact that they were able to educate and inspire all of these students when it came to careers in automation.

We look forward to continuing to educate and inspire students in STEM, and we even more look forward to welcoming these students onto our team someday very soon!