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November 29, 2016
Thermo Reinforces Commitment to Life Sciences in 2017
April 13, 2017
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Thermo Winter Training Hosted in Newly Expanded HQ

Every year at the end of January, Thermo Systems holds its annual winter training sessions at our East Windsor HQ as an opportunity to bring all of the satellite offices together for several days of scheduled meetings and classes. Just a few short weeks ago, the company came together in New Jersey for the 2017 Winter Training – which was especially significant because it was held in the newly renovated and expanded office space. All 85+ employees from around the country were comfortably accommodated in the new office area, meeting rooms, labs, and kitchen/dining room, which was all previously used as warehouse space.

While the renovated office was a major source of excitement, the real focus of the 3-day training was learning. Staff were required to sit in on classes regarding new technologies, company success stories, policies & procedures, and Thermo’s main goal of 2017: safety. While safety has always been extremely important to Thermo Systems, it is now a company-wide priority and will be incorporated into all yearly trainings as well as weekly safety briefings and suggestions via internal newsletter.

The winter training was incredibly successful, allowing the team to learn valuable new skills as well as stay up to date on major projects and victories from customers across the country. In addition, everyone was able to come together and meet some of the team’s fresher faces who will be helping us to expand our customer reach over the next year.

We look forward to further utilizing the new headquarters space for future additions to the team and future all-staff trainings.