Our "Thermo Culture"

At Thermo Systems, we have three simple goals:
Customer Success, Employee Success, and Financial Strength.

The team celebrates our 20th anniversary in Hershey:


Thermo University

Thermo University is a unique, innovative training program to help ensure that our employees have the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their current work-related responsibilities and to provide a clear path forward for future growth and career development.

Veterans Commitment

Thermo’s Veteran Commitment program actively recruits, hires, and provides transition support to our nation’s veterans who are seeking a career in the private sector.
For more information, visit our Veterans page.


Making Safety Our Priority

Thermo Systems has placed enormous emphasis on the safety of our employees and customers since our inception in 1998. Our entire team is OSHA10 certified and we require staff members who are management level and above to be OSHA30 certified. Our Director of Health & Safety along with our dedicated Safety Manager lead our safety team in conducting monthly toolbox talks and provide weekly safety tips to our entire team. Our ultimate goal is to provide our employees with as much safety knowledge as possible to ensure the highest level of safety on every job site.

Leadership Team

David Musto

President & CEO

David Musto, along with Greg Smith, founded Thermo Systems in 1998 with the goal of creating an automation firm where team members all learn, grow, and thrive. David is actively involved in the firm’s global activities and continues to champion the team environment each day. David holds a BS in Computer and Systems Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and has over 30 years of control systems experience, previously serving at both Honeywell and GE.

...a firm where team members all learn, grow, and thrive.

Gregory Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Gregory Smith co-founded Thermo Systems in 1998 along with David Musto. As Chief Operating Officer, Greg leads the Thermo engineering and delivery teams in providing quality and timely control systems solutions for all of Thermo’s clients. Greg holds a BS in Marine Engineering from the New York Maritime College and has over 25 years of control systems design and construction experience.

...providing quality and timely control systems solutions...