Industrial Optimization

Reduce energy costs and increase efficiency while prioritizing
safety and uptime.

Thermo Systems offers a full-service industrial optimization program, specializing in increasing efficiency and finding savings from the point where energy is produced all the way through the point where it’s consumed.

Step 1: Energy Audit

As a first step, we perform an ASHRAE Level 1, 2, or 3 site survey at your facility. Following the audit, Thermo Systems will recommend Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) and detail the scope, cost, and return on investment (ROI) of each possible energy-saving project.


Step 2: Execution of ECMs

Once you choose an ECM initiative, Thermo Systems can manage your project from start to finish. We take a turnkey approach, overseeing everything from design to construction. In addition, we take the extra step to investigate and manage all possible utility rebates and incentives.


Step 3: Advanced Visualization

Once the ECMs are successfully executed, we will provide you with an energy dashboard and reporting system. Thermo Systems will teach you how to read the detailed data from your system, allowing you to see your results in real time.


Step 4: Measurement & Verification

Lastly, Thermo Systems will perform measurement and verification (M&V) on your newly-optimized system. We will continue periodic M&V throughout a year’s worth of seasonal climate changes to allow for operational and tuning adjustments. M&V real-time and historical trending data will prove reductions in energy usage to support ROI and utility rebate programs.

Some example Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) include:

• Optimization sequencing and custom algorithms implanted in new and existing systems to run equipment more efficiently

• Instrument and control devices added to water and air systems in order to have better control and monitoring over energy usage

• Power monitoring through data visualization to allow for accurate measurements

• Instrument calibrations to provide process variable accuracy, which is key to a successful optimization project

Optimization Case Studies


Critical HVAC / Data Center Case Study


District Energy / Life Sciences Case Study