A New Partner Joins the Thermo Family
June 21, 2017
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Adents and Thermo Systems Team Up for New Serialization Webinar


In this webinar, 5 Key Points for a Future Proof Drug Serialization Solution, Thermo Systems is pleased to team up with Adents to highlight the complexity of preparing for the impending DSCSA regulations, specifically pharmaceutical serialization. Glenn Restivo, Life Sciences Director, Thermo Systems, and Jim Cummings, Vice President Partners, Adents will lead this discussion on Tuesday July 25, 2017 at 2:00 PM EST.

Collectively, we will provide answers to the 5 key questions on everyone’s mind when assessing a serialization solution, such as:

  • How to adapt to long-term compliance with evolving regulations
  • How to orchestrate multiple hardware and devices
  • How to ensure a quick and effective roll-out
  • How to maintain your OEE
  • How to optimize your qualification process

Drug serialization is becoming a major challenge for the pharmaceutical industry as regulations will soon be in place in more than 40 countries. While the DSCSA deadline has been extended, pharmaceutical manufacturers who have not yet implemented serialization at their facilities should still install a serialization solution sooner rather than later. Whether you are a pharma company, a contract manufacturer or contract packager, you will need to have a serialization and track & trace solution up running by November 2018

The good news is that the road to serialization now has a passing lane: a full-featured, future-proof, compliance ready-serialization solution combining a premium-performance software, a large choice of hardware and access to a global network of certified solution partners enabling to easily and quickly address current and future regulatory requirements.

Adents is a Premier Serialization Solution Company with more than 25 years of experience in unique product identification and traceability. Adents helps pharma companies and CMOs comply with regulatory requirements quickly and turn serialization data into Business Intelligence

Adents Seriza is the first standardized Line-Level and Site-Level serialization solution that is fully configurable, remarkably flexible and highly scalable. Seriza provides pharma companies with everything they need to protect their brand, fight against counterfeits, control their supply chain, analyze customer behavior and enrich their marketing data. All this, while maintaining overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and minimizing drops in productivity.


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